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I'm so mad. No wonder I have social phobia. People are just plain mean and rude. You would think people would be grateful I'm watching them. Most people are. Most of you have been very nice to me and leave nice comments. Thanks a lot. This isn't for you. But for those of you who have griped at me for watching you, here is the explanation I don't think you deserve. First, I don't think I'm wrong. Is there a rule somewhere you can't watch "everyone" ?????????? Is watching you hurting you???????? Yes, I do watch a lot of people. Tons. But I don't just watch
random people. I do have a reason for everyone I put in. Yes, I'm Obsessive-Compulsive (not an excuse, but a fact). Yes, I like getting pictures in my mailbox thing. Yes, I do love adding people to my watch. Yes, I have a lot of time to look at pics since I don't work (read my journal about me at… entry to see why not). Yes, I do comment on some Art.
These are not the reasons I'm watching you.
1. I'm not watching you to hurt you.
2. I'm not watching you to steal your work (I'd never do a thing like that).
3. I'm not watching you so you will watch me. If you want to watch me great, if not great.
4. I'm not watching you to get comments. If you want to comment thanks, if not fine.
I mean I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head to watch me or comment. My! Are people so
suspicious? Do they think it's a conspiracy against them?

Now if you still feel I OWE you an explanation, I don't think I do but I will anyway.
1. I do watch people because they make tutorials.
2. I do watch people who make brushes, actions and stuff for Photoshop, Paintshop and Gimp.
3. I do watch people with similar interest and are in groups I like such as neopets, Photoshop.
ETC. I have many interest.
4. I do watch people that live in Texas and are on the same GEOurl page I'm on.
5. And I do watch people I like. I like all kinds of art.
6. There are other reasons I watch people. Non of which is to hurt anyone but I gave you enough.

I feel I have the right to watch who I want and as many people as I want. I feel this site should
be fun. Who are you to destroy my fun, and my happiness? Why can't people just go by the saying "if you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing at all." (I don't mean constructive criticism on
art, that is fine as long as it's meant to help not hurt) Why do you want to hurt me? Why are
people so mean? Yes, I'm a very sensitive person. That happens when you get made fun of all your life for being disabled. I just want to have fun, make friends and collect pics for my
Screenpaver and private collection. I didn't even start here to do art and be watched.
I'm sure most of you understand. Thanks. But for the rest of you who still think I'm a bad evil
person and I shouldn't be watching you, I only have one thing to say - F*CK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if anyone care enough to find out more about me go here…
If you don't that's cool and thanks for reading this.

P.S. If you are going to complain about my typing, spelling, grammar or anything else, keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear it.
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zlok Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005
Whooo :glomp:
Jelly07 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
I LOVE it when people watch me, the people who are nasty about it are arrogant and they don't understand the word kindness! I would never dream of being nasty to someone because they watch me or comment on my work, i think of it as an honour!! :)
alienkabalien Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it when people watch makes me feel good about myself, to know that someone out there likes my work :D

So, thank you ever so much for watching :hug: it means a lot :D
nitrate Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I don't understand why anyone would be upset that you're watching them. How silly. I'm honoured that you've been watching me for quite a while now. I don't know if I ever properly thanked you. :)


blue-elem3nt Featured By Owner May 23, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel honored by ANYONE who watches me, it confuses me how people could feel otherwise. I just can't understand why people would get upset over someone watching them, it should make them happy if anything. I wouldn't worry about it too much, if there is anything I've learned in life, is that some people were blessed with common sense, and a few seem to lack it (or choose not to use it.... or something)
elphabastevens Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2004   Writer
Well, I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank you for watching me! I haven't been on DA as much as I would like, because for just over a year I've been finding my stride as a soon-to-be stepmother, and some things have to give.

Thanks again for the devwatch!
Miniweat Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2004
I appreciate the watch. Thanks for the lnog explanation too...hehe. But seriously, its good to watch people you like though you probably won't find much in the way of artwork on my page other than writing.

I am a poet and possess no skill in photoshop or the like. But on ocasion I work on collaborations with my friend Joe or my girl friend. Those will be posted on ~TheShortbusBrigade.
wytch Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2004
heres a :blackrose: to thank you for watching me! :D

Don't worry about those that made you feel bad - it is one of the unfortunate things about the net... some people tend to say and do things they would never say or do in person. Sometimes you just need to find the strength to ignore them - knowing that they are a minority...

I don't know why you are watching me - but I know you have your reasons... It makes me feel part of the community even when I can't be as active as I'd like...
firesprite Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
I'm always flattered if somebody wants to watch me. I don't get very many views on my page, and I'm not quite sure why, but it sure was nice to see that you were watching me from the beginning. I hope you enjoy my art, and all of the other people's art on your watch list! Have a good day! *leaves her silly avatar on the page*
degauss Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
persoanly, I say thanks a ton for the watch, for whatever reason you may have watched me. I take it as an honor to be watched and hopefully, I can turn out some more worthwhile stuff for you soon.
Kasurin Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2004  Student
People are complaining about being watched? Woah, what's up with that? Oh well in all fairness they must have their own reasons for being like that. But anwyays, I was pretty curious as to why I was chosen to be watched by you, so here I am. Thanks for the watch! I'm real sorry that you have to put up with those sorts of people though.
ladfry Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003
why would someone complain about being watched!?
it's a very wonderful compliment! if someone complains, they're not very grateful or smart for that matter...thank you for watching me! i am vry much grateful! i spelling that correctly? oh well! thank you!!!!!!! *hugs*
Shishkeberry Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2003   Interface Designer
I thought it was neat that I just joined and someone was already watching me :-)
solana Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2003
thank you for watching me! its always good to know that someone notices you for one reason or another. 'insert hug emoticon here'
torpedo009 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2003
I dont know if I've thanked you already for watching me but I'll thank you again :D :hug:
jawnart Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2003   Interface Designer
im glad y ou watch me, i appreciate it! :]
cfu-thr33-swords Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2003
I luv every1 that watch me, its good 2 know that sum ppl like what ur capable of, so thank u very very much :hug:
twistedgirl Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2003  Professional Photographer
I'm flattered....

Thank you.

judetrinity Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2003   Traditional Artist
thank you so much for watching me!
if you ever have any comments, feel free to go ahead and put them.
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv comments!
lilpanda004 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2003
Thanks alot! ^_^ Thats very generous of you! Very nice and carring, and generous! Your a great person. There should be more people like you! Your a very very wonderful person. Thanks so much. I'm sure you make us all happy to know your around.
Best of care! :hug:
shebadapuddytat Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003

There are a lot of dorks in the world, do not worry about them...they are not worth it... :)

I am always grateful to have people watching me...I don't even know if you are or not (Kinda got a big friends list now!) but I've seen you watching a lot of other people and think it's great!

Take care, don't let idiots get you down.
jambatx Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003
Don't worry about ppl attacking you for watching them... obviously they got some serious issue.... well thanx for watching me... i hope i have something that will always bring joy to your heart.
magical-stevo Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003
Why would somebody want to get mad for you putting them on your watch? Tch, people are so touchy these days. And I love your work too. And if I said somthing to offend you ealier then sorry about that.
weezil936 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2003
why on earth would anyone get upset for you watching them?? :confused: jerks >:-/
pyrokat Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
why the hell were people complaining to begin with? lol i love your work and I watch you too
teknoledge Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2003
np mate ;) i understand how you feel fo shizo my nizoo :P
kasami Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
i don't even remember what i said... sorry if i said something to make you mad... would you beleive i live in tex-- wait its in my profile... thanks for the watch... it really made me feel nice when i saw that people other then ones i knew liked my work... then when i saw that you were watching tones of people i thught you were just watcing everyone just cause... sowwy i lept to conclusions...
omarbig Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you need to use my work use it if it is useful for you no harm art is
for every one that love it .
And great for adding me ...hope my work plz you.
studio713 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2003   Digital Artist
I don't see a problem with you watching as many people as you want. Why someone would complain is beyond me.
Bee-chan Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
You watch as many people as you want, that's your choice ^__^! I can't understand why anyone would have a problem with someone watching them.

I just thought it amusing to see in most of my friends Devwatch sections your name ^_^.
WE'RE LOVED!! YAY!! :clap: :blowkiss:

thanks for the devwatch!

ashwynmayr Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
You can watch me as often as you like, and I will definetly return the favor!!

Nimil-Art Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i would just like to say that i am glad you watch both of my accounts :) really, i mean..hardly anyone even seems to notice my photography account. i only asked who you were because i was curious to know if i knew you or not..but i think it's cool that you picked to watch me, out of millions (i suppose it's millions) of deviant artists....and now i am curious why you like my'm too curious..
lucavibes Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2003
happy to be watched by you!
SilentMYSTIQUE Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003   Photographer
I've read posts by people that bitch about people watching them to get comments etc. I think it's rediculous, I add people to my devwatch because I'm interested in the art that they post. Not to get them to look at mine. Screw them, if they get rude, just take 'em off your watch, they're not worth it. I'm really happy that you like my work, and are watching me. I like sharing my art, so I hope you enjoy everything I put up in the future as well. Forget about the ungrateful ones :hug:
bigtallbill Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003
are you and ~calliepatches freinds or something
angelestes Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's my other account
bigtallbill Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2003
i thought so
bigtallbill Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003
you can what whoever you want. i think all take it as a compliment ya know.
Aliena85 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
LilithScream Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003  Professional Photographer
:clap: You tell them! This was very well said and I congratulate you for getting this off of your chest instead of keeping it back like a lot of people do :)
wiredangel Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
Hey! You go girl and watch everyone you want! That's what I do, when I see something that impresses me or teaches me... bang... they're added! Thanks for watching me. Perhaps this will inspire me to do some more tutorials.
frostblaze Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003   Photographer
people ARE crazy
braceletsofsmoke Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
i think its a tad lame if people are pissed off about you watching them...if they dont wanna be watched...why be on dev?? (sorry if anyone has already said this..i am *way* too lazy to read all the threads:P) basic point is......what lame arseholes.

*rolls eyes*
fasth Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
I just wanna thank you for watching me, it made me feel important whan I saw that I was added, thx a lot :hug:
netghost Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003
People get mad if you watch them?? Freakish.
I love people watching my account ;)

redrosebluviolet Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003
I'm sorry people are being so awful to you :hug: I really do appreciate being watched :D and I LOVE your dog, Tia!! She is the cutest little thing :aww: If anyone has something mean to say to you for taking the time and kindness to watch them, then tell them to come talk to me,ok? Cheer up :hug: we appreciate it!!
Channy Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
I think people should be flattered if they are being watched. Good or Bad, they gained someones eyes:)
warm-as-ice Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003   Writer
Why do people have issues with people watching them? If they don't wanna be watched, they need to get off DA!!!

Btw...I wanna take the time to (again) thank ya for adding me to your watch.
Not many people take the time to read poetry and such and less take the time to add the authors to their watch.
Lazy people...
With Luffs,
iso Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003   Filmographer
i for 1 thank you for adding me to your watch hugz hun!
kheleksul Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
Isn't being watched by someone considered flattery? I hand over several million donuts to each watcher - And I'm flattered people would like to keep track of when I update. DevWatching is similar to how a site can have a newsletter - They send out monthly (or weekly) updates to the people who sign up. There's nothing wrong with it.

(Not directly related, but thanks for the dev-watch. :D)
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